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A new way to view and edit your Atlassian Confluence documentation without leaving the comfort of
David Simpson
David Simpson
Last updated: October 30, 2023

With Confluence Embedded, and Atlassian Confluence can now work together to streamline team collaboration and planning.

Share the work you created across both tools, giving you confidence that no work will ever get lost. Seamlessly bring your Confluence pages into, to share background information about projects and keep all resources in one central place.

These embedded pages let your team members view, edit, and comment on Confluence pages without leaving Confluence can be embedded in views for board and items as well as dashboards and workdocs. No context switching, just effortless collaboration.

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Streamlined collaboration

By using Confluence Embedded with, your team can access the full power of Confluence directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for frequent context switching, allowing your team to focus on tasks and collaboration without interruptions.

Enhanced project management

Imagine having your project management tool and documentation platform working in perfect harmony. This integration makes it a reality. You can embed Confluence pages within views for boards and items, dashboards, and workdocs in This capability enhances your project management workflow by providing all the necessary documentation right where you need it.

No lost work

One of the most significant concerns when using multiple tools is the potential for work to get lost or overlooked. With Confluence Embedded in, you can confidently share your work across both platforms, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This prevents important documents and information from slipping through the cracks, making it an indispensable feature for project managers and team leaders.

Real-time collaboration

The integration enables real-time collaboration by allowing team members to view, edit, and comment on Confluence pages without leaving This feature is a key benefit for teams that need to work closely on documentation, as it eliminates the need to switch between applications. Your team can discuss, make changes, and provide feedback all within the platform, boosting efficiency and communication.

Increased efficiency

By using these two apps together, you're not just saving time; you're also increasing your team's overall efficiency. With everything accessible in one place, you can complete tasks more quickly and avoid unnecessary distractions. This enhanced efficiency can lead to improved project timelines and better results.

Better visibility

Having Confluence integrated into means that you can easily provide context for your tasks and projects. When team members can access the background information they need directly within the task management tool, they have a clearer picture of what's required. This increased visibility leads to better decision-making and more successful project outcomes.

Simplified workflows

This integration simplifies your workflows by eliminating the need to juggle multiple applications. It minimises the learning curve for your team, as they don't need to become experts in using various tools. Instead, they can focus on their work, secure in the knowledge that the tools they need are at their fingertips.

Improved communication

Effective communication is vital for the success of any project. When using Confluence and together, your team can communicate more efficiently and collaborate seamlessly. There's no longer a need to jump between apps to share ideas, updates, or feedback.

Customised experiences

The integration offers customisable features to suit your specific needs. Tailor the integration to your organisation's requirements, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your existing processes and workflows.


Confluence Embedded in gives a huge productivity enhancement that not only simplifies collaboration but also offers a plethora of business benefits. By combining the power of Confluence with, your team gains a competitive edge, improves productivity, and ensures that critical information is always at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to context switching and hello to a more efficient and effective way of working.

Frequently asked questions

1. What versions of Confluence are supported?

We support all editions of Confluence Cloud, including Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise edition.

2. How many Confluence instances will the app support?

As many as you need. This app will connect to as many instances of Confluence Cloud as is required by you. You can also mix and match Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise editions.

3. Where in can we add embedded pages from Confluence?

Confluence content can be added as views in boards and items, as well as in dashboards and workdocs.

4. Where's the documentation?

The app is fully documented with a Getting Started Guide on our Help Centre for apps.

5. Can I get a demo?

Sure thing. Book a timeslot here.

Try it for free
Free trial for 14 days. No charge for up to 2 users.

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