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Zoho Workplace Embedded

Embed files from Zoho Workplace in

Embed Zoho Writer documents

Embed Zoho Writer documents

to provide planning docs in your board views

Embed Zoho Sheets spreadsheets

Embed Zoho Sheets spreadsheets

to bring data into you item views.

Embed Zoho Show presentations

Embed Zoho Show presentations

to enhance dashboards and workdocs.

Embed Zoho Workdrive folders

Embed Zoho Workdrive folders

to access all of your project's assets

Embed Zoho Calendars

Embed Zoho Calendars

to share your key events

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  • A subscription to Zoho Workplace or Zoho Remotely.


  • Simply install the app from the marketplace and then you are ready to go.

How to use

In Zoho Workplace

Share a file, folder or calendar as shown in the videos below:

Share a Zoho Writer document...
Share a Zoho Sheets spreadsheet...
Share a Zoho Show presentation...
Share a Zoho Workdrive folder...
Share a Zoho Calendar...

Once the Copy Link has been copied, move to


For Board Views and Dashboard Widgets

  1. Add the Zoho Workplace Embedded app in
  2. Paste the Copy Link URL from Zoho Workplace into the Share URL field in the widget settings

For Item Views

  1. Open the Item View sidebar and select Add View
  2. Add the Zoho Workplace Embedded app
  3. In Settings select a column to paste the URL - this will be the same for each item in the board
  4. Paste the Copy Link URL from Zoho Workplace into the column for your board item.