Microsoft Forms Embedded
Microsoft Forms Embedded

Effortlessly embed Microsoft Forms in

  • Embed forms — Bring all your forms & surveys into
  • Paste links to quickly auto embed.

Popular use cases:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Employee onboarding
  • Event registration
  • Holiday or vacation requests
  • Newsletter signup
  • Risk assessments
  • Self certification
  • Surveys
  • Travel expense claim
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  • A subscription to Microsoft Forms or Microsoft 365 Office.


  • Simply install the app from the marketplace and then you are ready to go.

How to use

In Microsoft Forms

You have 2 choices. Either to display the form in, or display the results of the responses from the form in

Display the form and collect responses in

Select the form, click on Collect responses, then the Copy button.

Display a summary of the responses in

  • Select the form
  • Click on the Responses tab
  • Click on the "•••" dropdown menu and select Share a summary link
  • Click on the Copy button next to the URL

Once the URL has been copied, move to


For Board Views and Dashboard Widgets

  1. Add the Microsoft Form app in
  2. Paste the URL in the Embed URL field in the widget settings

For Item Views

  1. Open the Item View sidebar and select Add View
  2. Add the Microsoft Form app in
  3. In your board, add a new column of type Text and name it URL
  4. Paste the URL of the Microsoft Form into the URL column for your board item